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Usability Testing

Using the existing Books & Books website, I conducted usability tests on 4 Miami locals in order to analyze its strengths, weaknesses, and pain points. This helped me understand what users need and desire in bookseller websites.

1. COVID-19 caused participants to rely more on online shopping.

2. There were many complaints about disorganization and visual design (fonts, colors, etc.).

3. Participants exhibited confusion and hesitation around locating information and navigating the site (information overload).

4. It was not obvious that the store sold books online, and participants had difficulties locating books they wanted.


Based on my research, I created a persona that is reflective of the typical Books & Books customer.

Information Architecture


I built a sitemap in order to unravel the information and content on the current Books & Books website.


I found that there was a lot of unnecessary and confusing information, as well as several inconsistencies across the design.


After analyzing the existing information architecture, I prioritized, simplified, and restructured the information to create a sitemap for the new site.

Interaction Design

User Flow

Based on my user research findings and persona, I decided to focus on the book checkout and event registration flows because they seemed to be the most marketable and desired aspects of the Books & Books website.


I then came up with annotated wireframes for the homepage and books pages.

For the events pages, I used a Wordpress events calendar plugin, which I modified to suit the goals and aesthetics of the new Books & Books site.

UI Design

Responsive UI

To ensure the website was resilient across devices, I designed the homepage in both a desktop and mobile view.

Key Task Flow UI

The following are the designs for the book checkout flow and the event registration flow.

Usability Testing

Final Version

View Prototype

Next Steps

  • Design remaining pages
  • Test conversion rate on old website vs. new website
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