My name is Siriveena - you can call me Siri for short!

I’m a product designer based in Orlando, FL passionate about creating engaging, impactful product experiences. I'm currently working at BLDG25, an experience design firm that combines a background in exploratory and creative game design with behavioral science and enterprise-level product management to solve big business challenges.

I have always been inspired by people and their stories.

My love for human-centered narratives led me to obtain a degree in psychology. I have always appreciated the nuances of human behavior – how even the subtlest of changes could have the biggest impact on one’s being. 

 As an undergraduate, I spent years as a research assistant studying emotion and cognition, where I was taught to draw qualitative insights from large pools of quantitative data and understand the complexities of experimental design. 

I soon realized that I wanted to do more than understand; I wanted to extend my knowledge to solve problems. I began immersing myself in clinical psychology so that I could help people lead more fulfilling lives. As I investigated the variability in patient outcomes, I learned the importance of considering individual pain points when developing solutions.

I believe that true meaning lies in the convergence of knowledge across various disciplines. While I received my bachelor’s degree in psychology, I took a variety of courses that enabled me to experience an interdisciplinary education and aimed to find points of connection between liberal arts and sciences by minoring in biology, philosophy, and mathematics.

Although I loved the analytical, research-oriented aspects of my college career, I found myself longing for the creativity and expression that the arts provided. After months of soul searching, I finally found my niche in UX design – a space that embraces both critical thought and artistic direction.

I then began my transition into the field, conducting user research and designing responsive interfaces for startups. Working in these agile environments not only taught me how to utilize user-centered principles to solve complex business problems,  but also pushed me to grow as both a designer and researcher.

When I’m not designing, you can find me scouting out local cafés, making some sort of art, or eating too much bread.

I’d love to hear your story! 

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